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Bayon pool service pool cleaning


Thank you for choosing Bayon Pool Service! On this page you will find important information in regards to your new service plan and how to contact us. Feel free to review and as always do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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With your new service plan, we will be testing and balancing your pools water chemistry, brushing pool walls and steps and netting pool surface and floor in order to maintain your pool water healthy. On top of that we will also observe for any leaks around your pool equipment, verify your automatic pool cleaner and empty the pump and skimmer basket. You will also get an emailed pool service report that will be sent right after our service stop is complete. Therefore you will know the exact time your pool was serviced! With the Premium service plan we do the following:


You service plan includes 4 weeks of pool cleaning service. Please note that this service plan does not include vacuuming. Please ensure that you have a working vacuum cleaner inside pool at all times.

Always maintain proper water level in your pool and report any observation of swimming pool issues to us. Ensuring your pool stays clean and clear of debris, is our job at every visit, but taking care of your pool is a partnership between both of us.


Extra Fees:

  • Algaecide | $2.50 oz

  • Conditioner | $4 lbs

  • Shock | $6 a bag

  • Phosphate Treatment | $3.00 oz

  • Salt Cell Cleaning | $50

  • Salt | $15 a bag

We test & balance chemistry on a weekly basis

We maintain pool water healthy

We inspect pool equipment for any leaks

We empty pump and skimmer basket

We verify automatic pool cleaner

We brush pool walls, tile and steps

We net pool surface and floor

We email you a pool service reports w/ photos sent after service stop is complete



All invoices are generated on the 1st of every month for services provided during the current month. Additional routine scheduled maintenance parts, parts, and any client approved repairs and installations are invoiced upon completion.

All invoices are due on the 15th of every month. If invoice becomes past due, late fees will apply and service may be disrupted. Bayon Pool Service offers a few different ways to make a payment.


Online - On your emailed invoice, you can follow the prompts to make payment online by using your bank account and routing information.

Autopay - We offer and strongly suggest the utilization of our autopay program via ACH. The majority of our clients are currently taking advantage of this feature. To sign up all you have to do is fill out our autopay form and we will take care of the rest. Autopay is processed on the 15th of the month.


Checks - Please write out all checks to "Bayon Pool Service" and mail to address (555 Saturn Blvd. #822 San Diego, CA 92154) prior to the 15th of every month. This will allow enough time for us to receive the check and process it. Never leave payment at the property and/or backyard as Bayon Pool Service is not responsible for lost checks. For this reason, we also don't accept in person payments.


We will clean your filter on a quarterly basis (every 4-6 months). This will ensure equipment is thoroughly inspected and that the filter is working properly as proper filtration is a key element in pool maintenance. Filter clean approvals will be added to your invoice, and once approved and paid, will be scheduled. Filter cleaning may be scheduled on a non-service day. To avoid any disruptions to service, please ensure that filter cleans are approved right away.


Service Client Prices:

●  Filter Clean - $120

●  Single Cartridge - $90



Tel: 619-764-6515


555 Saturn Blvd. #822

San Diego, CA 92154

Mon - Fri: 8am - 6pm

​​Saturday - 10am - 2pm

Sunday: Closed


Again thank you for choosing Bayon Pool Service for all your pool service needs! For all questions or concerns please feel free to contact us!


If an emergency pool service or repair situation occurs after hours or on weekends (please see opening hours above), please send us an email and explain the situation in detail. A designated Bayon Pool Service team member will review the message and contact you as soon as possible.

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